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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

Edgerton Parents,


We want to share an important message about how we address harassment, intimidation and bullying here at Edgerton.  It’s important for you to know what we do on an ongoing preventative basis with our students throughout the year, as well as how we respond when specific incidents arise at Edgerton. 

On a proactive basis, here is what we do to increase social competency, improve school climate, and address harassment-intimidation-bullying:

•  Train all staff on how to identify, report, and respond to harassment, intimidation and bullying when it arises

•  Teach elementary students the concepts and skills needed to manage emotions, build empathy, and constructively solve problems. This is done through our 2nd Step Curriculum and Kelso’s Choices, in Kindergarten through grade 6.

•  Use various conflict resolution activities, called restorative practices, to help students work through student-to-student conflict

•  Use various incentive programs for students to reinforce pro-social interactions while addressing anti-bullying and harassment behavior

•  Conduct school-wide assemblies with students with anti-bullying and harassment messages and strategies

When an allegation that a student is being harassed, intimidated and bullied is shared with us at Edgerton, here is what we do:

•  Identify those involved and act quickly to ensure student(s) is/are safe;

•  Investigate to determine incident specifics and allegations

•  Determine if the situation warrants the completion of a HIB Incident Reporting Form

•  Contact parents immediately, and involve parents in resolution, next steps and ongoing safety plans for their child

If you, your son or daughter believe they are the subject of harassment, intimidation or bullying, please have your child let your teacher know immediately. Administrators and other school personnel can also be contacted.  Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern to us and we wanted you to know of measures we take ensure their safety.