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Edgerton is a Welcoming School

Welcome to G.W. Edgerton Elementary, home of the Wolves!  Edgerton Elementary is a strong community of learners, where teachers, staff, and volunteers create an academically engaging environment in which students work to achieve their full potential.  Our beautiful school opened in 2007, and is the 22nd elementary school in the Puyallup School District. Our school was built for a population of 750 students.  We currently serve students in pre-school through sixth grade. 
We are proud of the collaborative environment we have worked to build, as we direct our efforts toward increasing student achievement and helping our students become respectful citizens. Parents, families, and volunteers are a vital part of our school environment, and our PTA is thriving.  The PTA serves our students through their support of student activities, family involvement, community partnerships, financial support, and more.   

Each school building has a representative on the Puyallup School District Diversity Committee. The Building Representative for Edgerton Elementary is TBA. These representatives are responsible for: 

  • Advising students, parents, and staff that they are there to listen, help, and document incidents of harassment, intimidation, bullying, or discrimination. This information is forwarded to the building administrator, who then takes the appropriate response.
 •  Participating in monthly meetings with the Office of Equity and Achievement.
 • Meeting weekly with their building administrators to share information.
 • Having access to information, resources, and materials that may assist their colleagues

Edgerton Elementary strives to be a welcoming school for students and families. Welcoming Schools is an approach and a response to educators and families who have asked for tools to address bias-based name-calling and bullying, including anti-LGBT slurs and gender put-downs. Initiated by a group of parents and educators to meet the needs of students whose family structures are not well represented or included in school environments, Welcoming Schools offers a wide range of resources for school administrators and educators to address many kinds of bias based bullying. The Edgerton school community is focused on teaching students respectful behaviors and positive character traits. We encourage students to learn to stand up for each other through engaging in conversations on bias and bullying. The involvement and understanding of our Edgerton families is a critical aspect to creating a welcoming school for all children. Family programs can also be a great way to open dialogue and discussion between parents/guardians and their children. To learn more about welcoming schools, visit the Welcome Schools website