LAP Plan

The LAP program, or Learning Assistance Program at Edgerton serves 1st through 4th grade in Literacy. LAP in the Puyallup School district funds half of full day kindergarten programs in all but 5 elementary schools. All LAP services at Edgerton take place within the regular school day.

Depending the grade level, student need, and time of day,  students receiving additional reading support, are served in a pull out model or a push in model. All students in LAP are served 4-5 days a week.  Group size vary depending on the needs of the students in the group. All students are served using a Direct Instruction model.

Program Review

Grade level teams, administration and specialists are involved in reviewing the effectiveness of the LAP program. Formal RTI meetings take place every 6-7 weeks to review student growth. Each spring, the LAP program provides a parent survey asking for input on the LAP program.